akvcam is a fully compliant V4L2 virtual camera driver for Linux.
Flexible configuration with a simple INI file like.
Support for map, user pointer, and read/write modes.
Can cat and echo to the device.
Supports emulated camera controls in capture devices
(brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.).
Configurable default picture in case no input signal available.
The devices can’t be rejected by programs that rejects M2M devices.
Fully compliant with V4L2 standard.
Support for LTS kernels.

Linux driver and firmware for the Facetime HD (Broadcom 1570) PCIe webcam
found in recent Macbooks.
Note that this module requires Linux kernel 4.4 or later
(it is currently unknown which earlier kernels it will work with).
According to Apple the following models contain a Facetime HD camera
and should be compatible with this driver:
iMac (21,5″, since mid 2011)
iMac (27″, since mid 2011)
MacBook Air (since mid 2011)
MacBook Pro (15″, since early 2011)
MacBook Pro (17″, since early 2011)
MacBook Pro (13″, since early 2011)
Thunderbolt display

if you find not facetimehd.ko.xz in /lib/modules/4.17.2-pclos1/kernel/3rdparty/facetimehd/ if installation finished( this is the case if dkms and dkms-minimal can not find, handle and compress to xyz.ko.xz ), then another line is needed by Makefile in SRPM:

$(MAKE) -C $(KDIR) M=$(PWD) modules_install
@xz -f $(MODDESTDIR)/facetimehd.ko
@mkdir -p $(FIRMWAREDIR)
@cp -fr ./firmware/firmware.bin $(FIRMWAREDIR)/
@echo "Install facetimehd SUCCESS"

i work on DroidCam to make it possible use with pclos:
it’s working and on repo here

loopback-driver  for client
the client

now it works also with zoom