do as root, if the Ardour-splash not need

sed -i ’s/Exec=ardour7/Exec=ardour7 -n/g‘ /usr/share/applications/ardour7.desktop

php8 need changes in my script
….work in progress….
works, but need finetune:

please set WEEK=`date +“W%W„` to WEEK=`date +“W%V„`
in /usr/bin/qitocal, do it with root-permissions
so the correct number of week will displayed

new version of Thunar-1.8.1 packaged, it works but comes with symbolic-icons in buttons, for older use:

Re: New Thunar look (1.8.0-1)

onkelho wrote:

looks like modern, but
– i will colored buttons in icon-style back, how i can get the older button-imaging?
Please !?

If you are referring to the toolbar icons for back, forward, up and home, you can add the following to ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css:

.thunar {
-gtk-icon-style: regular;

You will also need an icon theme that has coloured versions of these icons (like elementary-xfce).

Thank You ToZ!


not a bug- just for me to keep informed by building RING

[quait@localhost native (master)]$ make list
All packages:
asio x264 vpx ogg gnutls restbed ffmpeg upnp jack gcrypt sndfile flac
samplerate vorbis iconv natpmp pjproject nettle pcre opendht gsm
portaudio msgpack libav yaml-cpp boost gmp speexdsp uuid gpg-error
cryptopp speex opus zlib jsoncpp vorbisenc
Distribution-provided packages:
x264 ogg gnutls upnp jack sndfile flac samplerate vorbis vorbisenc
iconv pjproject nettle pcre opendht msgpack libav speexdsp uuid cryptopp
speex opus zlib jsoncpp
Automatically selected packages:
asio restbed ffmpeg natpmp gsm yaml-cpp boost
Manually deselected packages:

Manually selected packages:

Depended-on packages:
To-be-built packages:
asio boost ffmpeg gsm natpmp restbed vpx yaml-cpp
[quait@localhost native (master)]$


Tôi chỉ không muốn điều đó buộc chúng tôi trong vài tháng tới sự phát triển tiến bộ để totalem tính từ cơ sở, vì vậy tôi đang thử nghiệm ngay bây giờ, tôi cũng sẽ nhận được những phần cần thiết từ udev bắt buộc 167 nhưng.


if your trackpad on MacBook-Pro will not do what you will do:


example:    to read

Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "touchpad catchall"
        Driver "synaptics"
        MatchIsTouchpad "on"
        MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"


if the xfce4-terminal-0.6.90 (gitversion-0.7.0)comes out,then will change into thunar-custom-action:                                                                         !!!> now the thunar custom actions seems to must edit, if they use xfce4-terminal <!!!
–> the -H option is not the same as –hold
>> with change from -H to –hold in all xfce4-terminal used thunar-custom-actions all will working GOOD!<<
just for these actions which use xfce4-terminal to execute and display a command like
“ xfce4-terminal –hold –execute rpm -ivh %f „

“ xfce4-terminal -H –execute rpm -ivh %f “ will no longer work


a little add to uca.xml, if you need preview mediafiles<action>
<name>preview media</name>
<command>mpv %N -vo x11 -really-quiet -endpos 4</command>
<description>play 4 secounds of one or multiple mediafiles</description>


if you works on many image-files to converting or rotate resize so you can edit your thunar-custom-actions on the uca.xml , but use the „Edit costume actions“ menu entry from thunar to change actions

see here my personal in use


if you have one of the last Quait installed, you can’t upgrade the gvfs and gphoto packages without destroy the system;
depending on my libsane-package

– so you must following the steps bellow:
-> open synaptic, change in the Preferences/Files to „Leave all downloaded packages in the cache“
-> press „Apply“ this setting and press „OK“
-> i  recommend to disable all quait-repos //is in a procces to rebuilding the online-repo//
-> reload the package-informations
-> close synaptic
1. open terminal as root-user
do:[root@….. …..]# apt-get -d reinstall lib64gphoto6 gphoto2 libgphoto-common lib64gvfs0 gvfs
— this will download the needed packages without to remove the basesystem and dependings of working installation
2. open as root with Thunar the folder /var/cache/apt/archives/
— there you should have 5 rpms
3. open a root-terminal here and
[root@….. …..]# ls
— no you see the listed rpms
[root@….. …..]# rpm -i –nodeps *.rpm –force
— this will install the newer packages without removing the bases and
— brings you to have multiple versions of libgphoto-pkgs, no problem
[root@….. …..]# rpm -e –nodeps lib64gphoto6-
[root@….. …..]# rpm -e –nodeps libgphoto-common-
–with a
[root@….. …..]# rpm -qa | grep gphoto
you can check out if there keeping duplicated pkgs, should be not now
5. now you can open synaptic,
-> reload pkgs-informations or solve the broken libsane-pkg
–> to solve please marking the broken pkg and now select „force version“ under the „Package“-entry in the menubar of synaptic,
–> check the pclos-variant and „Apply“
it’s all…

>> alternative you can download the needed rpms(also the libsane-rpm) from here


on kernel-4.5.3-quait2  not working :

broadcom-wl  and r8168    dkms – —-bad exit status 10


# exo-open –launch WebBrowser firefox %u   —  gefixt rpm in repo


since today the ClearWeatherScreenlet won’t work, no buggy but the service from xoap.weather.com is not free anymore;

>> use the xfce4-weather-plugin, the screenlet will not longer provided into the repo, cleaned packages follow next days<<<



use this for conky-lua: